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Welcome to the Metaphysical Society!

Or to use our full title The Metaphysical Society for the Expansion of Consciousness (or MSEC to you & I)

We admit its a fancy name but please don’t be fooled. At heart we are a group of MSEC trained Metaphysical Counsellors, Facilitators & Teachers, who believe there is more to life and more to human beings than just this physical experience – you are mind, body AND spirit. So we love helping people discover their true essence – their Spirit/Soul and feel more alligned, empowered & connected to life, love & the Universe.

We also believe that Spirituality is supposed to be PRACTICAL & RELEVANT to everyday living. It is grounded wisdom, meant to help you gain fresh insights, get unstuck, find more inner peace & transform the way you respond to the challenges you face on your Spiritual path.

And if you LEARN HOW TO USE & APPLY Metaphysical Principles – the results are often described as “life-changing”. Situations can re-allign & re-balance, you find more inner connection and discover how to more consistently experience love, peace, harmony & well-being on a daily basis.

As an independent organisation, our mission over the last 25+ years has been to advance & deepen Spiritual understanding and empower individuals with the tools, skills & knowledge to overcome challenges & unfold their fullest expression of life.

Our members are MSEC qualified & registered
Metaphysical Practitioners – offering Holistic Counselling sessions in person, via phone or video call.
Metaphysical Facilitators & Teachers – offering a range of training courses, some for personal interest & Spiritual growth, others lead to professional qualifications for students wishing to work as Metaphysical Counsellors, Facilitators or Teachers.

We are a BRCP Approved training centre and all our training courses are internationally recognised and BRCP Approved.

We would love you to travel this exciting path with us whether it be for your own personal growth and understanding or whether you feel called to create a spiritual career as a Metaphysical Practitioner/Counsellor, either way we are here to guide and support you. See below for more information

Services our members offer…

Metaphysical  Counselling 

Courses for Interest & Personal Growth

Counsellor &
Facilitator Training

A Holistic Approach
Our Metaphysical Counsellors help clients to shed new light on challenging situations and everyday issues. Using psychological and spiritual solutions we help the client gain personal breakthroughs, deeper insights and a fresh approach to any problem.
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Looking for Insights
Would you like to gain deeper personal insights and have the tools you need to bring greater ease and joy to your life?
We are a training facility, teaching truly transformative principles to our students.
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Professional Qualifications
For those who feel working with others is their vocation, our BRCP Approved training programme can lead you to qualification as a Metaphysical Practitioner/Counsellor, Facilitator or Teacher.
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Metaphysical Society for the Expansion of Consciousness (MSEC)


BRCP Approved Training Organisation
Offering Professional Training Recognised by BRCP
MSEC Qualified Counsellors, Facilitators & Teachers
able to join BRCP Register